Your questions


Dave Asprey created Upgrade Labs® with a dream of sharing biohacking technology with everyone – a concept that has changed his life and will change the lives of many more to come. “It’s possible to improve more quickly than Mother Nature intended.” – Dave Asprey, CEO and Founder of Bulletproof.

While a person’s financial qualifications are important, we are in the business of partnering with the right people. Our team spends one-on-one time with each prospective partner to get to know them and make sure there are synergies and common interests. We love to partner with people who stand behind our mission and believe in biohacking. We love people with passion and with an energy for life. We love people who lead with kindness. We love people with a drive. When evaluating a candidate, and before awarding a franchise, we make sure to take the whole picture of a person into account.

Yes! We work with several 3rd party financing companies that can help with funding your Upgrade Labs®.

Franchises are responsible for local marketing efforts to new member directly however, corporate will offer paid marketing vendor recommendations, organic social media content, monthly training and innovative promotions to help drive new member sign ups.

We require that a center must be open within 10 months of signing a franchise agreement. Often the leasing process can take some time, so the quicker this gets started, the sooner you will open. Our team will guide you through this step as quickly as possible.

Yes! In fact, we do not allow you to sign a lease for a retail space until the site has been approved. We have recommended real estate brokers and are very involved in the site selection process, LOI and lease negotiations.

 Yes! However, if you have a separate operator, we require approval before awarding. We require all of our operators to be very present, hands on, and involved.

Yes. It’s always best to own a Labs where you reside, but we’ll work with you to create a plan to successfully own a location outside of where you live. Each situation is unique and has to be a good fit.