Upgrade Labs is thrilled to announce a recently signed development deal to initiate the opening of multiple locations across Calgary and Vancouver. – Upgrade Labs Continues North American Expansion With Canadian Development Deal

July 13, 2023 //

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Upgrade Labsthe world’s first Human Upgrade™ Center and brainchild of Bulletproof® Coffee founder Dave Asprey, is thrilled to announce a recently signed development deal to initiate the opening of multiple locations across Calgary and Vancouver. This deal is a huge step in Upgrade Labs’ growth, marking its entrance into Canada. Starting with a flagship location in Downtown Calgary opening in late 2023, Upgrade Labs will follow up with a location in Vancouver in early 2024 and anticipates opening one lab per year in each market thereafter.

The Western Canadian expansion will be led by Calgary-based business partners and fitness enthusiasts, Bruce Timm and Dean Zipse. Both Timm and Zipse are seasoned executives with extensive backgrounds in industries that are known to have demanding schedules, leaving little time for fitness and recovery.

Timm, a founder and former CEO of an international real estate asset management and development firm, and Zipse, a business builder and growth-focused leader responsible for the development of public and private North American-based energy service companies, are dedicated to living an active lifestyle, and have spent a number of years learning how to apply more of Asprey’s biohacking techniques into their active lifestyles.

“My goal is to die as young as possible, as late as possible,” said Zipse. “Bruce and I were inspired by our own pursuit of optimal health and passion for sharing transformative experiences, which led us to our discovery of biohacking and Upgrade Labs.”

Having both achieved remarkable success as business builders, they’re now turning their attention to leveraging their exceptional business acumen in the expansion of Upgrade Labs’ fitness and recovery concept. Their collective expertise will be instrumental in shaping and advancing Upgrade Labs’ vision in Canada.

Upgrade Labs was founded in 2017 by Dave Asprey with a mission to help people reach their highest levels of performance. Asprey coined the term biohacking, which is the art and science of using technology combined with the environment in order to take control of human biology. The brand helps its members reach their highest level of physical performance and restorative abilities through unique technologies, giving dramatically better results in less time than they would spend exercising the old way.

“We’re excited to introduce Dave’s brand and philosophy to the Canadian fitness and wellness community,” said Timm. “Both Calgary and Vancouver are drawing the attention of not just the physically active and health-conscious demographics, but also residents seeking a wellness solution that provides impactful results with significantly less time investment. Currently, there is a void in these markets for fitness and wellness options of this kind and we believe that Upgrade Labs will bridge this gap.”

Upgrade Labs locations offer innovative performance services like The Cheat Machine, providing a week’s worth of resistance training in just 15 minutes. They also provide unique recovery services, including The Big Squeeze, promoting water loss, body slimming, and toxin elimination. Members experience stronger immunity, reduced inflammation, increased energy, enhanced longevity, improved sleep, and more. Recently, Upgrade Labs added Cryotherapy, decreasing inflammation, boosting metabolism, and improving deep and REM sleep with extreme cold temperatures.

As the brand continues its franchise expansion, it is looking for single and multi-unit franchise partners that are passionate about upgrading humanity and want to introduce biohacking into new communities. Including the franchise fee, the initial investment for an Upgrade Labs location ranges from $663,000 to $1,349,640.

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About Upgrade Labs

Founded in 2017 and franchised since 2021, Upgrade Labs is the world’s first Human Upgrade™ Center and brainchild of Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof® Coffee and Father of Biohacking. Biohacking \ ˈbī- ō- ˌha- kiNG \ noun, the art and science of using technology and the environment around you in order to have full control of your biology. Upgrade Labs, the premier biohacking center, helps members reach their highest level of physical, cognitive and cellular performance through proprietary technologies. Each location offers services that help members become smarter, faster & stronger, resulting in a more rejuvenated & resilient version of themselves. The services offered help members spend less time exercising, decrease recovery times, and retain higher levels of concentration and tranquility. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and expert Biohacker Technicians, Upgrade Labs helps its members live their lives to the fullest potential. Membership packages are available and include a tailored selection of services. For more information, please visit

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