Upgrade Labs is excited to announce its new lease signing in Austin, Texas! – Upgrade Labs to Open New Facility in Austin

Biohacking facility gears up to open its first location in Texas

July 25, 2023 // // AUSTIN, TX. – Upgrade Labs is excited to announce its new lease signing in Austin, Texas. The brand had previously signed a multi-unit development deal with husband-and-wife duo, Billy and Natalie Ledbetter, to bring the innovative concept to Austin, and has taken the next steps in their expansion in Texas. The new Upgrade Labs will be located at 1611 W 5th Street Suite 125, and is anticipated to open in October.

Billy, a medical Doctor with extensive experience in allopathic and alternative medicine, and Natalie, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and anesthetist, are thrilled to open their first Upgrade Labs in Austin. The city, which has been ranked one of America’s Healthiest Cities, stood out to the couple as the perfect location for Upgrade Labs’ cutting-edge biohacking facility.

“Austin’s health-conscious culture aligns perfectly with our mission at Upgrade Labs,” said Natalie. “The city is teeming with individuals who prioritize their wellness, seeking personalized approaches to optimize their health. By establishing a facility in Austin, Upgrade Labs will cater to the needs of this community. The facility will serve as a haven for those seeking to unlock their full potential by offering a holistic approach to wellness through innovative Biohacking technologies.”

“By bringing our cutting-edge biohacking technology to Austin, we can tap into this market, providing them with access to state-of-the-art biohacking technologies that are at the forefront of the industry,” said Billy. “We are set to make a significant impact on the health and wellness landscape of the city, offering residents a gateway to optimal health and vitality.”

Upgrade Labs was born from the goal of helping clients utilize unique technologies to help them reach their highest level of physical performance. These technologies and restorative therapies allow for dramatic results with minimal time investment. The comprehensive range of recovery equipment and modalities are designed to enhance overall health and well-being of the facilities’ members, who have access to cutting-edge technologies such as red-light therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, neuro feedback, and cryotherapy, among others. These modalities are meticulously selected to optimize recovery, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, boost cognitive function, and support the body’s natural healing processes. By combining AI-driven fitness training with advanced recovery techniques, Upgrade Labs offers a holistic approach that addresses both physical performance and overall wellness.

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