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Why Upgrade Labs is More Than A Gym Franchise

Why Upgrade Labs is More Than A Gym Franchise

Upgrade Labs is a health business unlike any other. With a foundation in biohacking and a range of technology dedicated to optimizing health, it’s incomparable to regular big box gyms in the fitness industry. Not only does it offer members new and innovative ways to improve health, but helps them conserve time and energy for other activities, so they can live a life outside of the gym. Keep reading to learn more about why Upgrade Labs is more than a gym franchise and what that could mean for you.


The technology at Upgrade Labs comes from neuroscientists, astronauts, and fitness legends. While pursuing his own fitness journey, Dave Asprey discovered that cardio and strength training were outdated and overly emphasized, leading people to spend more time in the gym than was necessary. Moreover, he found that workout routines should be customized to the individual and their goals, which is what Upgrade Labs offers.

As a biohacking franchise owner with us, your Upgrade Labs will have a range of ground-breaking equipment available to help members make the most of their workout and recovery. Most importantly, when they see and feel the results, they’ll be more likely to stay committed, which means greater membership retention.


When members spend less time in the gym, this opens up more opportunities for them to do and experience more outside of their workout routines. Being committed to health and wellness shouldn’t mean spending your life in a gym, expending precious energy. Upgrade Labs gives members more time to enjoy life because our technology is designed to optimize workouts, saving both time and energy.

Becoming a franchise owner with Upgrade Labs is about more than simply running a fitness business – with us, you can improve the lives of everyone who walks through your doors, and ultimately change the way they live.


Bringing an Upgrade Labs to your community isn’t like opening any other big box gym. As a biohacking franchise owner, you’ll be offering something those in your area may not have had a chance to experience yet, showing them a new and better way to improve their health and wellness. Members of your health business will have the tools they need to live a better life and spend more of their time doing the things they love rather than sweating it out for hours at the gym.


Upgrade Labs is passionate about helping others and improving lives. If you want to give back to your community while pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams, consider owning a biohacking franchise with Upgrade Labs. We’re looking for motivated, driven franchise owners who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box. Schedule a call with us today to request more information about this business opportunity, so you can get started on the process of owning a fitness business.

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Three Types of Members You’ll See at Upgrade Labs

Everyone has a reason for starting their health and wellness journey, whether they are just starting to develop a passion for fitness or they are already deep into their pursuit for a better body and are looking for ways to optimize their health. When you own an Upgrade Labs, you can draw in a range of members with different goals and varying abilities. Regardless of their starting point or aspirations, you can provide the tools your members need to achieve them. Continue reading to learn more about the three types of members you’ll see at Upgrade Labs.


Taking the first step in a wellness journey is important and it often dictates the tone and, ultimately, the success of it. Many of the members who walk through your doors will be fitness amateurs looking for guidance and results, whether they want to increase their strength, improve their overall health, have weight goals, or all of the above. Upgrade Labs can offer these solutions in a way that is unlike anything else that’s available on the market.

As a franchise owner with Upgrade Labs, you’ll be able to introduce these members to a new type of workout that Is designed to save time and energy while achieving incredible results. Oftentimes, beginners get discouraged during their fitness journey when they hit an inevitable plateau. However, Upgrade Labs’ unique technology pushes past these obstacles. When members walk through your doors, they’ll discover a new approach to optimizing their health.


Experienced fitness enthusiasts who have a passion for health and wellness are another type of member you may see when you open a wellness franchise with Upgrade Labs. These types of members have likely already met their initial goals and are looking for new ways to optimize their health and reach new highs that are simply not possible anywhere else. At Upgrade Labs, our innovative biohacking technology helps put on muscle 3 to 5 times faster, giving members the ability to achieve more than they ever imagined. Moreover, our technology offers ways to optimize more than just the workout experience – it also improves the recovery process, which is just as essential to a person’s overall wellness.


Dave Asprey, founder of Upgrade Labs and Father of Biohacking, has quite a following. Whether they became fans during his day as the creator of the Bulletproof Diet, read any of his bestselling works, or followed his story as he embarked on the process of founding Upgrade Labs, there are a lot of reasons why many have taken an interest in Dave and his groundbreaking work. Some of the members who visit your health business will likely be fans of Dave who want to experience his biohacking technology firsthand and you’ll be able to show them what the Upgrade Labs concept is all about and how it can improve their lives.


Upgrade labs is unlike anything else in the wellness industry and can draw in members from all walks of life with our unique, results-driven technology. If you are ready to become part of the future of what it means to achieve optimal health, now is the time to learn more about this unique opportunity and to find out if we’re a good fit for you. Schedule a call with us today to request more information and get started on the process of owning an Upgrade Labs.